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Lotus Flower Bomb (Freestyle)

On December 12, 2011

Sup tho,

Today is the first day of Myke Charles Mondays! A lot of people were saying they are going to miss seeing and hearing from me every Monday since The Sing-Off is over, so I decided to release something for my supporters every Monday until my mixtape drops in January.

Here we are. For this first Monday I’m releasing a short video of me doing a freestyle track over Wale ft. Miguel’s “Lotus Flower Bomb”. My inspiration for the verse was how a woman (or parts of a woman) can be personified through a flower so I tried using word play and extended metaphor in the verse. Shout out to Wale and Miguel for killing the original. Hope y’all dig it. Look for me in the sky. Stay up.

CO’s pretty boy,

Myke Charles

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